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My Uhaul truck got stuck in a gully in the parking lot at Days Inn in western Sedona. I went across the parking lot to a big-O-tires store and asked if they had a truck to pull me out.

They said they didn't but dialed a towing company (Jaws Towing) for me on their phone and let me talk to them. After telling them my predicament and where I was...Jaws Towing quoted me a $150 minimum charge just to pull my truck out of the gully. I declined to accept their service stating to them that it was too expensive. They told me that the "boss" would call me.

No one ever called me. Deciding that their service was an unattractive option...I made other arrangments to get the truck out of the gully. Jaws Towing sent some one out anyway and they tried to bully me into paying them $100 just to leave. When I refused...they then called the police.

After I explained to the police what the situation was...they sided with me. After this...Jaws Towing then tried to circumvent me by calling Uhaul. I had already spoken with Uhaul and knew that they were not going to pay for a tow truck...that they held me responsible for any towing fees. I had not agreed to Jaws Towing's terms, I had not entered into any verbal contract, and I had not asked them to send out a tow truck.

The police left and finally Jaws Towing left me alone. They charge exorbitant fees to people who are in trouble and they wrongly try to bully people into paying for their services.

I strongly advise any one from doing business with these people. They are only interested in ripping people off.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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